An easier way to get the care you need

Accolade Care is on a mission to help all people live longer, healthier and happier lives. Reach a primary care physician or therapist – anywhere, anytime.

Integrated virtual primary and mental healthcare

Physical health can affect mental health and vice versa, so we created a model where it’s easy for care providers to be connected. This allows for whole-person care that gets to the root cause and doesn’t just address symptoms.  

Support throughout your healthcare journey

Too often, people walk out of the doctor’s office feeling confused – unsure of what to do next. Our 24/7 Care Team supports you with scheduling follow-ups, understanding your care plan, finding specialists, getting labs or imaging, managing prescriptions and more.  

Long-lasting relationships

One in three adults lack a primary care physician (PCP). Issues such as high costs, living far from in-network doctors, and not being able to get an appointment when needed are reasons people find it difficult to build a relationship with a doctor. Accolade Care allows you to select a doctor as your ongoing PCP so that you see the same doctor for all your virtual visits – making it easy to have a trusting relationship with a doctor that’s easy to reach.

Our doctors

  • U.S. board certified 

  • Trained at one of the top 50 U.S. medical schools 

  • Average 15 years of experience 

  • Completed our extensive interview process 

Our therapists

  • Licensed behavioral therapists 

  • Availability in 50 U.S. states 

  • Wide variety of backgrounds and specialties 

  • Collaboration with other providers to get prescriptions 

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